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Infopost SMASH!
What's that you say? "Someone apped a character from some random YA book? I wonder who it could be!" Except obviously you're not saying that because it's usually me, and also, the book is really cool and you should totally check it out!

The United States of Asgard is pretty much what it says on the tin: what if the Norse, instead of getting bored and going home, had stayed and settled North America? Oh and also what if while this was happening the gods and magic and trolls and whatnot were all totally real? It's all basically one step over with somewhat different terminology, because New Asgard is pretty much a Norse-based monoculture instead of the American "melting pot."

Tessa Gratton plays fast and loose with her dramatic license with Norse mythology, so if Vider says something that sounds completely off the wall (like "Baldur dies and is reborn every year"), I'm not poorly informed, that's just how it is in her world. Which is where the plot of the first book comes in: one year, Baldur doesn't resurrect at the base of the New World Tree like he's supposed to, and everyone pretty much freaks right out. Odin offers a boon to anyone who can find Baldur and return him safely. At a government-run boarding school in Nebrasge kingstate, Astrid Glyn, a budding seethkona (seer) dreams of where Baldur is, and sets off on a quest with Soren Bearskin (no relation, I'm getting to that part), a young berserker who wants desperately not to be a berserker, to find Baldur and bring him home.

Along the way, Our Heroes add Vider Lokisdottir, a follower of...well, Loki, to their group. Vider is, to the absolute best of my knowledge, not an actual daughter of Loki; the name is used by orphans and those who have renounced their families (like Vider) instead of the common matronymics and patronymics. When the time comes for Vider to claim her boon from Odin, she asks him to make her a berserker. Odin, in granting her boon, names her Bearskin, so that's her name now. (Switching surnames between those you're entitled to isn't uncommon; Soren uses four over the course of the book.) This also means that her universe's Loki is kind of pissed at her--they have history, and effectively Vider's renounced him for Odin, which is another reason she won't be using Lokisdottir.

So she's going to be super awkward with tiny Marvel Loki, basically.

Vider comes from a background where she was mistreated by her family (it's implied her father was abusive, which is why she ran away to follow Loki) and tossed aside like an outgrown toy by her god. She is damaged, but tough--Soren spends a while trying to tell her that she doesn't need to be a berserker to be strong, because she already is, but she's not ready to hear it. Even though she's no longer Lokiskin (Loki's Kin,, some habits die hard, and she's not afraid to be sneaky or underhanded if she has to be. As far as skills go, Vider has been training all her life, like everyone else in her society, for holmgang, ritual combat used to settle insults or sometimes for trials by combat. She's not great, sort of average for her society, but she is at least passingly familiar with asskicking with a variety of weapons, and she is training to improve. She's also very good at sneaking and hiding and picking locks, and knows a little very basic magic, little more than sleight of hand.

Oh, and there's the 'literally going berserk' thing.

When Vider gets too angry, or if she works herself up into it, she will go into a berserk state also known as a battle frenzy. When she goes into frenzy, she's supernaturally strong and fast (more 'supersoldier' than, like, 'Superman'), extremely hard to damage, and mostly out of control, and will rage until she collapses from exhaustion or someone takes her out. Extreme heat (like...'nearby erupting volcano') will leach her ability to frenzy, and knocking her out cold would take care of the problem, but you'd have to get close enough to do it. Some berserkers have trained enough to control the frenzy and themselves during it, but Vider is brand new to it and has had very little training as of yet; basically, she can calm herself before she goes berserk, but once she's in frenzy she's not really steering any more.

In her normal, resting state, Vider is pretty close to standard human. She's maybe a little stronger than she should be for her size, with good reflexes, and she heals more quickly than is standard and doesn't suffer from cold as much as most people. She also tends to run a fever, suffers from insomnia, and needs to eat more than most people her size.

As a berserker, there are some special restrictions on Vider. The main one that will matter in Fandom is that she has a tattoo of a black spear on her left cheek, so anyone can see at a glance she's a berserker and not poke the bear with a stick. It's illegal for her to disguise this tattoo or cover it in any way, so even if her icon doesn't clearly show the tattoo, it's still there.

Vider is coming to Fandom High following the events of The Lost Sun, when the authorities found themselves with the first female berserker in years (usually it's passed down father to son) suddenly on their hands and went, "So...what do we do with this?" The answer? Boarding school! A note: due to certain spoilers, Vider doesn't remember the events of the book as they went down. I've managed to reconstruct most of the plot the way I think she would remember it, but there are a few things I'm completely lost on and will dance around and handwave if they come up.

And now since I have no on-topic gifs to bring, I offer this completely unrelated baby leopard, because everybody needs to see it.

Key Points!
*It's pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove VY-deer.
* Facial tattoo! *points to icon* Black spear, left cheek. You literally can't miss it. It's illegal for her to hide it.
* Fifteen, thin, working on athletic; white-blonde hair, long, usually worn in braids; pale green eyes; very fair skin. Fever of about a hundred and werewolf.
* Comes from a Norse-based monoculture. What's a Saturday? You mean Freyrsday, right?
* Goes berserk in the traditional sense. You won't like her when she's angry.
* Has a rough past, isn't gonna want to talk about it much.

My infopost for my other newbie will be coming just as soon as I can get the darn thing written. For my oldbies, go here, with the caveat that Steve is going expat and Petra will be heading off island very shortly.

Questions? Comments? Adorable baby animals?
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*loves the baby kitty with a love that is true*


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